The Monday Melange 11.02.09: Wal-Mart and Leann Rimes

–You’ll never guess what they’re selling at Wal-Mart now.  Take a gander at this, peopleNo, seriously.

–We love to imagine how big and important we are, and what momentous consequences our actions have upon the world around us.  Especially if you hear the global warming advocates talk.  But consider this:  If you were to build a building fifteen stories high and roughly two-thirds the size of the state of Georgia, you would have enough space to house every person living on the face of the earth, with three thousand square feet of living space per person.  Do the math.  Think about it.  Or consider this:  If you were to get all the people in the world into one big space, standing room only, how big do you think that space would have to be?  Fifteen miles by fifteen miles (roughly the size of Buckhead and Midtown put together) would be sufficient.

–I went to visit my sister in DC for Labor Day weekend.  While I was there, I heard a song on the radio that I liked.  A few days later, I realized who it was that sang the song, and I had a reaction remarkably similar to this:

The song that I thought I liked was sung by Leann Rimes.

–Me vs Lane Kiffin:  0-0.  Mark Richt vs Lane Kiffin:  0-1.

–Seen on a friend’s Facebook page:  “Athens, GA:  A drinking town with a Mark Richt, Willie Martinez, and Mike Bobo problem.”

–This Georgia team did about as well as could be expected against Florida.  Which only goes to show that in order for Georgia to improve, serious changes are in order.  Yes, I mean staff changes.

–Seriously.  After the game, one CBS announcer quipped that if you’re struggling on offense and need to get well, you play Georgia.  If that doesn’t convince you that Willie Martinez needs to go, then I don’t know what will.

–But enough of that.  Let’s turn our minds toward less gloomy subjects, like the weather in Amundsen-Scott Station, Antarctica.  Today’s high:  -32.  Tonight’s low:  -47.  Windchill:  -70.

–The sun does crazy things in the sky down at Amundsen-Scott Station, Antarctica.  First of all, it stays dark down there for six months out of the entire year.  Eventually, around the end of September, you start to see a little bit of light in the sky.  Around the end of October, you actually start to see the sun.  It doesn’t move straight across the sky like it does here.  Instead, it makes a huge circle right around the horizon, moving counterclockwise and corkscrewing up until it gets to 23.5 degrees above the horizon at around the end of December.  Then it starts to corkscrew back down again.  It disappears below the horizon around the end of February, and by the end of March, the sky reverts to total blackness.

–So do I make Amundsen-Scott Station sound like a great place to live?  How about a great place to send Willie Martinez and Mike Bobo?