The Monday Melange 10.26.09: Mountain Oysters, Anglicans, Ron Zook, and Halloween

–Okay, so CNN got completely and totally punked by a 6-year-old kid and a balloon.  Imagine that.  Those of you who have 6-year-old kids:  Imagine the possibilities.

Clemson beat Miami this week.  I’m happy for this guy, and I hope he’s happy too.

–I see that Lake Lure, North Carolina is having an oyster roast in a couple of weeks.  Stay away from this, people.  I don’t trust mountain oysters, and you shouldn’t either.

–Here’s a stunner:  This week Pope Benedict XVI announced a new program by which Anglicans could enter into communion with the Catholic Church while basically remaining Anglican under Anglican leadership.  This holds real promise in places where many Anglicans are disaffected by the liberal and openly-gay leanings of the Episcopal Church, and in places like Asia, Africa, and Latin America where Anglican and Catholic churches are already working closely together.  It will be interesting to see how the Anglicans respond to this.

–What this announcement from Benedict XVI means is that the Catholic Church–in some form or fashion, at least–is now willing to meet other Christians halfway, without demanding that they renounce what they believe and join the Catholic team in order to be recognized as Christians.  We as evangelicals are famous for saying that Catholics are not Christian until they renounce their Catholicism and join our team.  Will we now be willing to at least meet them halfway, and not incessantly demand that they become like us in order to be accepted by us as true Christians?  Can we lay down our desire to be the ones who dictate the terms of “true Christianity” to those outside of evangelical Protestant-dom?

–Ron Zook is safe at Illinois; so says Illinois AD Ron Guenther.  Which means he’s safe for about another year or two, if that.  If he was really safe, then Guenther would not have felt the necessity to make a statement in the first place.

–It took two years for Gene Chizik to win five games at Iowa State.  Now he’s gone and they’ve already won five games this year.  I’m hating life for you right now if you’re an Auburn fan.

–So many of us think that spiritual warfare is all about being in adverse situations while God looks on passively, waiting for us to pray the right prayer/learn the right lesson/rejoice/take a bold stand.  And when you do, God will step in and fight for you and all your troubles will just magically vanish.  If you can do these things, great.  But I’d be willing to bet that it is way simpler than that.  All you have to do to be successful in spiritual warfare is just keep going.  Just keep showing up.  Just keep doing the right thing.  Just keep walking the path that God has chosen for you to walk.  That’s all there is to it.  Don’t grow weary in doing the right thing, as Paul says in Galatians.  Read what Michael Spencer has to say about this.

It took Alabama a blocked field goal on the last play of the game to get past Tennessee in Tuscaloosa.  I now feel a little better about getting beat by Tehhessee.  But consider this:  Here is what Tennessee has scored on offense in all their games this year.  Against Western Kentucky:  63, against UCLA:  15, against Florida:  13, against Ohio U:  34, against Auburn:  22, against Georgia:  45, against Alabama:  10.  Notice something a little not right with this picture?

–For those of you who are a little slow on the uptake:  Western Kentucky was the only team on that list to give up more points to Tennessee than Georgia.  Georgia gave up three touchdowns and a field goal more than any other SEC opponent.  Georgia is also the only SEC team to have Willie Martinez as its defensive coordinator.

–Halloween is coming up this week, which means time for pumpkins, witches, ghosts, goblins, and all sorts of evangelical stupidness about how it is really a devil’s holiday.  Come on, people.

–Read Michael Spencer’s annual Halloween rant.  Then read this post by Taylor Marshall on how to have a good Catholic halloween.  (It’s okay, people.  No Protestants were harmed in the production of this post.)  Finally, read James Jordan’s “A Different View of Halloween”.  Still think Halloween is of the devil?  I’ve got some lovely beachfront property down in beautiful Amundsen-Scott Station, Antarctica, that I would love to sell you.

–Speaking of which, the high today in Amundsen-Scott Station, Antarctica, is forecast to be -38 degrees, with a low tonight of -58.  Windchill tonight will be -88.  Brrrr.

–When I was growing up, I always went trick-or-treating as a ghost or a vampire.  Now I would like to go as a Gator fan–complete with jean shorts, flip-flops, and the obligatory mullet wig.  Boo.  Hope I scared you.

–Okay, so going from an off week to Florida in Jacksonville is kinda like walking the Green Mile.  Right, Dawg fans?  Don’t worry, here’s a little something to hopefully put you in somewhat better spirits.

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