Ken Ham: I Got a Fever, and The Only Prescription Is MORE CREATIONISM!!!!!!!

It’s Young Earth Creationism Week here at Everyone’s Entitled to Joe’s Opinion.  As part of the festivities please allow me to direct your attention to a speech which Ken Ham recently gave.

So who is Ken Ham?  Ken Ham is one of the most outspoken proponents of young-earth creationism that you will find.  He believes in a six-day literal creation which happened about 6,000 years ago and in a worldwide flood which happened about 4,000 years ago.  He believes that nothing which is in any way contrary to the Biblical text has any scientific validity whatsoever, that evolution is dead wrong and that acceptance of evolution has paved the way for a whole host of social ills.

Ham is the president of Answers in Genesis, a ministry specifically devoted to getting the young-earth creationist message out there.  He and Answers in Genesis built the Creation Museum in the northern Kentucky suburbs of Cincinnati, which opened back in 2007.  This speech was recently made at the Creation Museum to supporters of Ham’s ministry.  In it, Ham lays out the problem here in America–that despite our massive abundance of Christian resources, Christianity in America is declining.  And not only is Christianity declining, but a whole host of unsavory social ills are on the rise.  Ham lays out his answer to these challenges–MORE YOUNG-EARTH CREATIONISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ham’s speech is on Youtube, in four parts:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

…and Part 4

Can you imagine Richard Dawkins coming to Fernbank and giving a similar speech (from the atheist perspective, of course) to Fernbank supporters?  Didn’t think so.

According to Ham, the trouble all started when those nefarious Deists came along with their ungodly obsession with “millions of years”.  That opened the door for Darwin and his theory of evolution to explain how life came about over “millions of years”.  And once evolution got a foothold in our society, we all know what happened.

You see, God says quite clearly in the Bible that the earth was created only a few thousand years ago, in six literal days.  If we doubt these words of the Bible, then everything else in the Bible–all the way up to the redemptive message and work of Christ himself–is suspect.

Well…if you’ve watched these videos and are STILL convinced that young-earth creationism is the answer to all that ails Christianity in America, get back to me. I’ve got some beautiful beachfront property out in Moab, Utah, that I would love to sell you.