The Monday Melange 10.05.09: Bangladesh Farmers and Young-Earth Creationism

–Turn off your cell phones when you are at the theater, people.  Or else this is what will happen to you.  Now do you really want that?

A Bangladesh farmer was honored for killing 83,000 rats on his farm.  Think he could come and teach Willie Martinez a thing or two about keeping unwanted intruders out of the end zone?

–The 2009 Georgia Bulldogs:  Very exciting to watch.  Not very good, but still very exciting to watch.

–I noticed that Clemson got beat again this weekI’m really hating life for this guy right about now.

–Here’s the thing about college football:  We have all been that guy at some point.  If you are a true fan of the game, then at some point you have felt what that guy was feeling on the inside, even if you did not express it outwardly the way he did.

–Is it really acceptable to you that Answers in Genesis and other such ministries have as much traction in the world of evangelical Protestant-dom as they do?  Because many young people of an intellectual/scientific bent are bolting for the realm of atheism because they cannot accept the young-earth creationism which we claim is part and parcel of a biblical Christian worldview.  Read Tim Stafford’s post about evangelicals and science, and read Michael Spencer’s post about a hypothetical student who is forced into atheism by evangelicals who are unaccepting of her scientific views.

–I’m with Michael Spencer on this.  The Gospel combined with any other agenda is no gospel at all.  So can we please drop all the either/or’s and the package-deals that we try to attach, and just get back to the Gospel as outlined in 1 Corinthians 15?

–Come on people.  It isn’t the end of the world that we got beat by LSU this week!

–First of all, we won’t have to deal with the “LSU effect” which I made note of last week.  Life will be complicated enough having to deal with whatever landmines Monte Kiffin is laying out for us in Knoxville this week, without having to deal with that additional complication.

–Second, if we had to take a conference loss this year, better to lose outside the division.  A loss outside your division is way less costly than a loss within your division.  (Of course, that is assuming that this year’s Georgia team can win the division.  And that may be assuming too much.)

–In 2003, Georgia lost to LSU and beat Tennessee, and wound up in the SEC championship game.  In 2004, Georgia beat LSU and lost to Tennessee, and did not get even a whiff of an SEC championship.

–Third, how would you have liked to see Georgia beat No. 4 LSU, and then turn around next week and get beat by unranked Tennessee?

–And finally, if we were to beat LSU and lose next week, we would never hear the end of it from Lane Kiffin.  Do you people REALLY want that?

–Mark Richt has an impressive body of work during the course of his time at Georgia:  no less than eight wins a season on his watch, two SEC championships, three BCS bowls, three SEC championship game appearances.  But here’s the thing:  LSU has won two national championships this decade.  Florida has won two national championships in the last three years, and is the odds-on favorite to win a third one this year.  And Alabama is threatening to get in on some of that action in the years to come.  Georgia?  Uhh…not so much.  Seems like the rest of the league is catching up with Georgia faster than Georgia is catching up with the holy trinity of Florida, LSU, and Alabama.

–Steve Spurrier had an impressive body of work at Florida prior to the 1996 season; just not enough to contend for the national championship.  So what did he do?  He went out and got Bob Stoops to be his defensive coordinator, and he won a national championship.  Mack Brown had a similar problem at Texas; he went out and got Gene Chizik in 2005 and won a national championship that year.  Les Miles; same deal, except that he had already won one national championship.  He went out and got John Chavis, and now he is easily in the running for another national championship sometime in the near-present future.  Mark Richt?  He’s still got Willie Martinez.

–Granted, the defense held up its end of the deal (sort of) again this week.  But as I said last week, one game does not undo anything that I have already said about Willie Martinez.