The Monday Melange 09.28.09: Mean Canadians, Lane Kiffin, and Ray Comfort’s Banana

–Come on, people.  You didn’t really think Ole Miss was a Top 5 team, did you?

–Props for stating the obvious go to the Beatles for this line from “Come Together”:  “He’s got feet down below his knees”.

–Canada is hosting the Winter Olympics this coming February.  And it seems the Canadians are getting tough about it.  They’re not letting foreigners in (that would include us) to train on their luge and bobsled courses.  Ooooohh.

Thanks for trying, Canada, but if we want drama in our winter sports we’ll just blow each other’s kneecaps off.

–Well, we won.  By a field goal.  On the last play of the game.  And of course the players ran out and formed the obligatory tickle pile at the center of the field.  Reminds me of the time when they did that against Vanderbilt a couple of years back, except that this time it was a little bit more appropriate considering the level of the competition.

–Did you notice in the video of the upset Clemson fan last week, how Chris Fowler just completely and totally slammed the ACC at the end by saying that you can still win it with three or four losses?

–By the way, I noticed that Clemson got beat this week.  I wonder if the guy in that video was there and tearing up the stadium like he did at Georgia Tech?

A Tennessee coach made a stupid joke about the KKK!!!  And it wasn’t Lane Kiffin!!!

–Speaking of Lane Kiffin, even my spellchecker doesn’t like him.  Every time I type in the word Kiffin, my spellchecker flags it as an error.

–Kirk Cameron:  The Lane Kiffin of evangelical Protestant-dom.

–Seriously.  Right now he has this thing going where he will be giving out 50,000 copies of The Origin of Species on 50 college campuses to celebrate the 150th anniversary of its publication.

–Wait.  A well-known evangelical leader is giving out copies of an atheist book?

–Uh…yeah.  But there’s a catch.  Each of the books that Cameron is giving out contains a 50-page introduction written by himself and noted evangelist Ray Comfort, otherwise known as “Banana Guy”, which attacks several aspects of Darwin’s theory and attempts to show how it is inexorably and undeniably linked to Hitler, the Gulag, racism, sexism, the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa, global warming, Gitmo, the Bee Gees, Willie Martinez, Lindsay Lohan, and many other unsavory things.

–I will definitely be writing more about this one sometime in the next week or two, after I have had time to process and gather my thoughts together.  But until then, here is People Magazine’s take on the whole thing.  And here are a couple of videos for your edification:

Kirk Cameron explains all about his plan to distribute modified copies of Origin of Species.

A critic responds point-by-point to Cameron’s video.  Don’t agree with everything she says, but I like her a lot–especially the part where she refers to Comfort as “the Banana Guy…or more recently known as Thunderf00t’s bitch” and Cameron as Comfort’s “boy-toy”.

–For those of you who don’t know who Ray Comfort is, here is the write-up in Wikipedia.  I know.  I had to look it up myself.  And here is another video for your edification:  the one which led to his being called “Banana Guy”.

Looks an awful lot like something out of a Monty Python sketch, doesn’t it?

–Okay, so Willie Martinez’s boys actually held up their end of the deal this week.  Wish they could have performed like that last week and the week before.  Wish they could have performed like that in 2008.  Wish they could have performed like that against Tennessee in 2007 and 2006, and against Auburn and West Virginia in 2005.

–Sorry people.  It’s one game.  One game does not refute the charges I have brought against Willie Martinez.  If the defense can sustain that level of excellence through the rest of the season, then perhaps I might reconsider.  Perhaps.