Wishful Thinking Abounds…

It certainly does in the 2009 edition of the Georgia media guide.

It seems that the Georgia media guide has incorrectly reported the score of last year’s Georgia-Georgia Tech game as 42-42.  AJC sports columnist Mark Bradley has very alertly uncovered this little misrepresentation of reality.  That would be a tie score, and very much better than reality for the vast majority of Georgia fans.  It would make Willie Martinez’s defense look better, although only marginally so.

Interestingly, this comes to us from the very same school which rode Reggie Ball hard for not being able to count to four back in 2004.  Apparently the people in Georgia’s media relations department can’t count past 42.  (Although not being able to count past 42 is a little better than not being able to count to 4, so give them props for that.)

Incidentally, the score is correctly reported in Georgia Tech’s media guide.  Just thought you’d like to know.