Alastair on Denominationalism Redux

Today I would like to direct your attention to a post over at Alastair at Adversaria that I linked a while back about the role of denominationalism in the present-day church.

This article is a challenging and helpful piece for all who are struggling with the question of what is the true church and/or which church is the right church.  Many of you, particularly in my own church, are thinking through these issues, and so I recommend it to you highly.

The jumping-off point for this post is the Presbyterian Church in America’s recent passage of  a report condemning the Federal Vision and New Perspective on Paul.  (Don’t ask me what either of those are because I don’t know.  Those of you who know the Presbyterian church probably know these items better than me, but it is not essential to understand these things in order to get this post.) Continue reading “Alastair on Denominationalism Redux”