Alastair on Pentecost

Alastair is running a series on Pentecost right now over at his blog Alastair at Adversaria, in which he will explore the prophetic role of the Church and the meaning of the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  The big idea of this series is that the events of Pentecost set the Church apart as a prophetic community; in the course of the series Alastair will unpack the relationship between the role of prophet in the Old Testament and what the Church was doing in the New Testament.  As I write this part 1 and part 2 are up; perhaps there will be more to come.

In part 1 Alastair looks at the ministry of Jesus and the prophetic anointing of the Church, concentrating on the gospel of Luke and the book of Acts.  The ministry of the Church is intimately connected with the ministry of Jesus, and there are ties between the ministry of Elijah and Moses and the ministry of Jesus.  In part 2 we see the Church as a community of prophets, and we see that there are ties between Pentecost and the receiving of the Law at Sinai.

Everything which Alastair writes is very good.  It does require a good bit of effort to get your head around the things which Alastair says, but it is well worth it.