Les Miserables 14: To Trust is Sometimes To Surrender

Okay, last time we broke off from Jean Valjean’s story and went to Paris, where we saw how four young Parisian guys played a rather nasty trick on four girls.  One of the girls involved in this was the young lady Fantine, who will play a major part in the action to come.

When we first met Fantine, we saw that she was ravishingly beautiful, with stunning blonde hair and gorgeous white teeth.  We saw that she was a child of unknown parentage; she just showed up one day as an orphaned toddler walking the streets of Montreuil-sur-mer.  She had no family name; no one knew who her parents were and no one cared to even try to track them down.  She had no baptismal name; the Directory was in power then and the Church was not performing baptisms then.  We touched on this in my earlier post about the spiritual element of Les Miserables.  At any rate, she grew up working out in the fields as soon as she was old enough, and then she made her way to Paris to “seek her fortune”.  There she met and fell in love with Tholomyes, and that is what got her into this double quartet.

We kind of breezed through their little outing and the surprise, but I wanted to come back and hit on a couple of things before we move on. Continue reading “Les Miserables 14: To Trust is Sometimes To Surrender”