Another Michael Spencer Post: Does the Gospel Change the Way You Look at the People the Culture War Tells You to Fear and Dislike?

Today:  another post from Michael Spencer.  This one continues in the ongoing theme of evangelism, the culture war, and our interaction with those outside of evangelical Protestant-dom.  He begins with an illustration of how he used to play Daniel Boone with his friends when he was growing up, but they needed somebody to be the bad guys, so they enlisted one of the families down the street to fill this role.  It’s the same idea in culture war-obsessed evangelicalism, except that the enemy isn’t some family of kids down the street.  It’s militant gays, radical atheists, Muslims, progressives, the mainstream media, liberals and supporters of the president…you get the idea.

But in 2 Corinthians 5:14-21, Paul makes it clear that if we are controlled by the love of Christ, then we don’t look at people in the same way that we did prior to becoming Christian.  If we look at other people in the light of the Gospel–as people who are invited to be reconciled with God–then that leaves no room for us to look at them as enemies because of their politics, sexual partners, religion, attitude towards Christianity, etc.

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