All-Skate: What If Your Church Discontinued Its Singles Ministry?

This post is another all-skate, which means that I expect to see some good discussion on this one.  The last time I posted an all-skate, nobody skated.  I hope we can do better than that this time.

Okay, here is today’s topic for discussion:  It has just come across the wire here at Everyone’s Entitled to Joe’s Opinion that The Village Church, a rather sizeable church in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, recently discontinued its singles ministry.  Singles, don’t get too upset about this; you haven’t been singled out (yuk yuk yuk).  This church no longer has ministries for college students, men, or women.  They still have age-segmented ministries for children, middle schoolers, and high schoolers, but all post-high-school adults are now funneled through their groups department.  Their rationale for making this change is that having separate ministries for singles, men, women, and college students created self-contained regions of ministry which competed for the limited resources of time, money, and staffing, and also for the attention and affection of the people in the church.  They still seek to minister to singles, men, women, and college students, but they no longer believe it is necessary to have separate ministry environments geared specifically to these populations in order to do this.  You can read more about these changes and the rationale for these changes on this PDF file.

What are your thoughts about this?  Do you believe that it is possible for a church to attract and minister to singles, married adults, men, women, or college students without having segmented ministry environments which are explicitly geared toward those populations?  What would you think if your church decided to implement a similar change?

I have my own ideas about this, which are probably not what you would expect.  But I will not be sharing these until I see some discussion here!!!!!

All right peeps, the floor is open.  Discuss.


One thought on “All-Skate: What If Your Church Discontinued Its Singles Ministry?

  1. A lot of church philosophy, as The Village Church’s document states, is geared toward, “how can we get them here (to church)?” Then, if we get them to church “they” can hear the Message more clearly. But what I hear VC saying is that the body of Christ should be living and taking the Message out to the community (Matthew 28:20). I agree.

    Ironically, maybe the church building is a means of keeping our faith external. You know, “I go to such-an-such church.” Implication: The church (in name only) is my Christian identity.

    As it relates to dumping certain traditional (as in 20th century) ministries, maybe the challenge for Christians is to be more traditional (as in 1st century). Paul charged his “churches” to minister to certain groups, like widows, because of their need…those widows who were REALLY in need (1 Timothy 5:3). Are singles, marrieds, etc., in this case, really in need? Is it Christian American culture to feel so needy, depending on the refuge of the church (vs. The Church)? Don’t get me wrong, all people are truly in need of redemption. But maybe we’re placing redemptive needs on programs and environments rather than in the work of Christ through the body of believers.

    Joe, I’m sure you can put my crazy mess of words together much more articulately. But thanks for spawning the discussion.

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