If You Want to Turn Me Into a Bleeding-Heart Liberal, Here’s How to Do It

UPDATE:  Apparently I know how to stir up the proverbial hornet’s nest.  This political thing is a rather longstanding sore spot of mine.

The rise of the Moral Majority back in the 80s created a culture within evangelicalism where political involvement is expected as a proof of discipleship–knowing beyond the shadow of a doubt what you believe with regard to the issues of the day and how those beliefs tie in to your faith in God, and being able to articulate this in a certain way.  I regard this as a very unfortunate development because it has diverted us from what ought to be our primary focus, namely to lift up the name of Jesus Christ in our world.

But I may have been a little too over-the-top here, and thus have made myself part of the problem which I wished to denounce.  So in the spirit of advancing the civility of political discourse which I wish to promote, allow me to set the example and apologize to those of you who may have taken offense.

If you really want to see me jump ship and defect over to the liberal side of the fence, here is one sure-fire way to do it:

Bust out the alarmist rhetoric, the talking points from Hannity, Drudge, and whoever else is out there on the radio.  Talk about how the government is taking away our rights.  Talk about how the Americorps is Obama’s answer to Hitler Youth.  Talk about how this AIG thing is just a smokescreen by the liberal media to incite class warfare as a diversion for their real agenda, which is to enshrine Obama as the chief of a neo-fascist state.  Talk about how Obama’s economic policies are nothing more than an attempt to push the country to a crisis point so that he and his big government can step in and institute a new fascist state with himself as the new Fuhrer.  Talk about how people who dare to criticize Obama’s policies in public venues are being carted off to back rooms and beaten senseless by Secret Service thugs.  Talk about how certain states need to just go ahead and secede from the Union and be done with it.

Come on, people.

Surely you know that this sort of rhetoric serves no purpose whatsoever except to convince the already convinced and to drive a wedge between yourselves and the unconvinced.  And you may just succeed in pushing me completely and totally over the edge. Continue reading “If You Want to Turn Me Into a Bleeding-Heart Liberal, Here’s How to Do It”