Quick Hit: Why I am Seriously Fantasizing About Taking Joel Osteen Down in a Pimpfight

Greetings to all you readers out there who are tracking with me by way of Facebook, flannelboard, or whatever other technology you have at your disposal.

Last week I changed my Facebook status to reflect that I was seriously fantasizing about taking Joel Osteen down in a pimpfight.  At the time it was all in jest; it was nothing more than an innocent gag intended to kick proverbial sand in the face of those of you who are Joel Osteen fans.

Well, after what I just found out there on Youtube today, my whole outlook has changed.  Take a gander at this, people:

I was no big fan of Joel Osteen before this came down the pipe, but now all bets are off.

It’s one thing to say that eating pork and shellfish is not the best thing dietarily.  I agree with Joel Osteen as far as that goes.  There are probably very good dietary reasons to limit one’s intake of pork and shellfish.  And it is probably true that God had the best interests of Israel at heart when He forbade them to eat pork during Old Testament times.

But to go from that, to saying that the command against eating pork is still binding upon us as New Covenant believers, that we honor God by keeping this command and dishonor God if we dare to break it, is just wrong.  It has nothing whatsoever to do with the Gospel.  If you think that you are honoring God or that you can gain greater favor with God by keeping this purely Old Covenant command, then you are in for a serious disappointment.

Joel Osteen says, “If I do what I can to take care of myself, God will do what I can’t.”  Since when did we ever get the idea that we can do anything to take care of ourselves?  Since when did we ever get the idea that we can do anything to bridge the gap between ourselves and God?  Since when did we get the idea that we can venture out into the void and expect God to meet us halfway?

Come on, people.

The Gospel is NOT about us doing what we can do and God doing the rest.  Because Jesus has already done it all for us.

We have already dealt with this in Galatians.  Read your Bibles, people!!!!!  When you read Galatians, you will notice that Paul was quite animated throughout most of it and directed voluminous amounts of vitriol and choice insults toward certain individuals in the Galatian community who insisted upon keeping certain Old Covenant regulatians as the proof of New Covenant Christian spirituality.  He even went so far as to say that these individuals were preaching a false Gospel, which was really no gospel at all.

When are we going to wake up and smell the coffee, and realize that this guy is not preaching the Gospel at all?

I’m sorry, people.  I was joking before when I said that I wanted to take Joel Osteen down in a pimpfight, but I’m not joking anymore.  Now I’m perfectly serious.