All-Skate: What Have You Learned from Being in Community?

Those of you who keep up with the local news are no doubt aware that today was a somewhat exciting day up at KSU.  Don’t worry my friends; no lasting damage was suffered.  Your ever-faithful Jono is very much perplexed and bemused over the fact that one person walking out of a Waffle House could shut down an entire university campus, but still here and just as ready as ever to serve all your strategically-based diatribe deployment needs.

Let me direct your attention to a post over at Michael Spencer’s blog.  Now it is no secret that Michael Spencer is one of my all-time favorite bloggers; those of you who have been tracking with me for a while have seen me link a lot of his stuff, and no doubt you have noticed that I have his blog listed over on my sidebar, in the place of honor at the very top of my blogroll.

The post which I am linking today is all about community, and about the lessons which he has learned from being in community.  Now the community which he describes is a very special kind of community; he works at a Christian boarding school in southeast Kentucky, and his community consists of students and fellow teachers at this school whom he is around for several hours a day almost every day of the week.

Go and read Michael Spencer’s post “What Have I Learned From Living In Community?”, and then check back with me when you are done.  Even though the communities which most of us are part of are vastly different from the sort of community which he describes, there is much that we can apply to our own experience of living in community.  So after you have read this post, come back here and let me know your thoughts about living in community.

By the way, this post is an all-skate.  This means that you are not allowed to just sit and stare blankly at your computer screens and passively take in what I am offering you, without leaving a comment of some sort.  I expect to see a good, lively discussion here.

Also, let me make you aware of one of the rules around here:  If you post a link to another site or blog, it must be relevant to the topic at hand.  In other words, NO comments with links to Pete’s Prozac and Other Meds or other sites of a similar nature will be allowed.  Joe’s blog is NOT a commercial enterprise; don’t try to play me or my readers that way.

Okay.  Discuss.