Featured Link: The Not For Sale Campaign

In my previous post I raised the issue of human slavery, which, despite all illusions to the contrary, is very much alive and well in our day and age.  I mentioned that this issue is alive and well in many parts of the world, from the sweatshops of south Asia to the child soldiers of Uganda to right here in the dear old U. S. of A.

So today let me direct your attention to an organization which is rising to confront this issue head-on.  The Not For Sale Campaign is an organization which is dedicated to raising awareness of slavery and human trafficking in our day.  It is a movement of people from all professions and walks of life who are united in the desire to see an end to slavery in our time.  There is much that you can do to help raise awareness of this issue, and the website is chock full of ideas and resources for you to get involved.

So bop on over and check out the Not For Sale Campaign, and join the fight to end slavery in our time.