This is an All-Skate: Christians Behaving Badly?

All right kids.  Today’s post is an all-skate, which means that each and every one of you will be expected to join in the discussion.  No lurking will be allowed today; if I catch you, I will track down your IP address, reach through your internet connection and out through your computer monitor, and throttle you to death.  So don’t be shy.  Jump in and let me know what you think.

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The subject of today’s discussion is as follows:  Why do Christians behave badly in certain situations?

What I have in mind is this:  You are the waiter/waitress at a local restaurant.  You work the Sunday lunch shift because you are presently on the low end of the seniority totem pole.  A large group of people who are obviously part of the after-church crowd comes in and sits in your section.  You go to get their drink orders, and right off the bat one of them says to you something to this effect:  “I just want to let you know up front that we will not be giving you anything in the way of a tip because we do not believe in working on Sunday.”  (Sad to say, I am not making this up.  This actually happened recently; read what the original poster had to say about it.)

My question:  What is the justification for Christians behaving in this fashion?  Because it seems to me that there is a huge disconnect from being “a good witness”, which is something that we talk about all the time, and not tipping your waiter/waitress because you don’t believe in working on Sunday, leaving a tract in lieu of a tip, and other such things that Christians have been known to do in restaurants.  I just want to know how we get from here to there.

All right, the floor is open.  This is an all-skate, so don’t just sit there staring at your computer screens and passively taking this in.  I expect to see some good discussion here.