Music Review: Cori Moon, I Will Sing

If you have been around 7:22 or other similar church environments in the Atlanta area over the past decade, then you have more than likely been exposed to the vocals of Cori Moon somewhere along the line.  Here is one of the finest female vocalists in all of Atlanta–and now, after all these years, she has her very own CD.  It is not yet available in stores, but you can download it from iTunes.

The album is a 6-song EP consisting of worship songs old and new, some you probably know and some you probably don’t, and some that were written expressly for this album.  A voice like Cori Moon’s needs to be the focal point of an album such as this, and indeed it is.  In these musical arrangements, you get none of the overproduced schlock which is so prevalent with CCM female vocalists; instead you have refreshingly minimalistic acoustic arrangements which place the voice of Cori Moon front and center for the duration of the album.

So I would strongly recommend that you check out Cori Moon, and then go to iTunes and download this album.

[The reviewer was furnished with a copy of this CD.  Thanks for hooking a brother up.]


One thought on “Music Review: Cori Moon, I Will Sing

  1. hello, Cori graciously sent me a copy of her cd in the mail a couple of years ago and it is amazing, I am very surprised that she isn’t known world wide, or is she? This lady is so spiritually uplifting and her CD really got me through a very tough time in my own life, please comment if you have any new details about her as I would like to hear more about her, thank you.

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