What We Know About the 2008 Season After Thirteen Weeks

All right kids.  Enjoy your turkey, and then chomp on this:

Georgia Tech gave Georgia a little something to think about last week.  I hope that Georgia was paying attention to that Miami game, especially Willie Martinez and the defensive unit.  Because if they continue to play up to their usual standard this season, then Georgia is looking at a big fat 0-2 in games where a win would have enabled them to match Georgia Tech’s eight game win streak from 1949 to 1956, which currently stands as the longest streak in the series by either team.  And here’s the thing:  With Paul Johnson at the helm at Georgia Tech now, it will be a LONG time before Georgia gets another shot at matching that eight-game Georgia Tech winning streak.

We told you Ole Miss was going to be dangerous this year.  With Houston Nutt coaching all those kids that Ed Orgeron recruited, you had to figure that Ole Miss would be dangerous sooner rather than later.  And if you did, you were right.  Houston Nutt has two signature wins so far with Ole Miss, one at Florida and the other at LSU.  Speaking of which…

LSU actually got off relatively easy this week.  A week ago, LSU trailed Troy State 31-3 just two minutes removed from the fourth quarter before coming back to win.  Now Troy State lost to Northeast Louisiana, which got drilled 59-0 by Ole Miss.  If you work all that out, LSU should have lost to Ole Miss 197-2.  (Think Ole Miss might have been channeling Georgia this week?)