Who Are the Biggest Whiners in College Football?

According to this piece over at Fox Sports, the SEC has placed exactly half of its coaches among the top 10 biggest whiners in all of college football.  I won’t spoil the suspense for you by telling you who they chose as their No. 1, but I will tell you who it is not.  Urban Meyer did not get it; he only came in at No. 9.

Take a look at this list and let me know what you think.  Is Fox Sports on track with their picks for who the biggest whiners are, or are they completely and totally off base?


One thought on “Who Are the Biggest Whiners in College Football?

  1. This year Oklahoma State would get my vote for the biggest whiners. They ended the season with a much undeserved # 3 ranking. My hogs could beat them any day of the week. They beat Kansas State 52 to 45. Kansas State only scored 16 points on us and we beat them 29 to 16. Kansas State was the best team OSU defeated during their regular season. They beat Stanford in their bowl game, but if you saw the game, you know they lucked out. If you didn’t see the game, just go to the OSU webpage and read the stats for the game. OSU was never ahead during regular play. This team should be rated ahead of us because they lost 1 game and we lost 2? Look who beat us: Alabama and LSU. I wish OSU could have played Alabama in a bowl game; it would have been an old fashioned beating. Yet, Arkansas fans are not whining about being rated lower than OSU. OSU, on the other hand, think they are the National Champions despite the fact than very few people agree with them.

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