Quick Hit: Is This All There Is?

Up to this point, Georgia’s 2008 season has been a very frustrating experience.  Frustrating because of the potential for greatness which we know this team possesses, but which they have not come anywhere close to showing.

During the last half of the 2007 season, Georgia was hanging 40-plus points on everybody they played.  It was this run of dominance that propelled Georgia all the way to No. 2 in the final polls of 2007 and a preseason No. 1 ranking in 2008.  But so far, Georgia has not shown anything close to that measure of dominance.  The closest we have come to that was against Arizona State, which started the season in the top 10 but has since been exposed as a not-very-good team.

Sure, there are occasional flashes of brilliance.  Matthew Stafford completing a 75-yard bomb.  Knowshon Moreno putting one of those trademark highlight-show moves of his on some hapless defender to break free for a huge gain.  A. J. Green going up and coming down with a spectacular catch.  But then you look up and the score is still 14-7.  And you wonder:  Is this all there is?

Georgia’s schedule is rated by most analysts as the most difficult in the country.  And the four-game stretch which begins today in Baton Rouge is the very reason why.  If what we have seen of Georgia to this point is all there is, then that is very bad news because what we have seen up to this point will not be good enough to make it through LSU today and Florida next week.

The good news is that in recent years Georgia has been known for peaking late in the season.  In 2006, a Georgia team that many had given up for dead finished with huge wins over Auburn, Georgia Tech, and Virginia Tech in the Peach Bowl.  And in 2007, we all remember what happened after a team which looked equally moribund escaped with a last-second win over Vanderbilt.

So, if this year’s Georgia team intends to compete for the national championship, today is the time to start.  And if this year’s Georgia team is anywhere close to being worthy of the hype that they received in the preseason, today would be an excellent time to start showing it.