What We Know About the 2008 Season After Eight Weeks

All right kids, here we go…

Georgia has not yet played its best game of the 2008 season.  At least I am seriously hoping that is the case, because LSU and Florida are still to come on the schedule.  And if what we saw the last three weeks against Alabama, Tennessee, and Vanderbilt is truly all that this team is capable of, then we are in BIG trouble.

But there are signs that Georgia may be starting to get better.  That young offensive line which was severely gashed by Alabama’s defensive front is starting to figure some things out.  The offense is racking up bunches of yards, even if that yardage is not yet translating into points.  And there has been some improvement with regard to that penalty thing; the penalties have dropped off over the last couple of weeks.

Okay, so it appears that Georgia may be getting better.  Good thing, because Georgia needs to get a whole lot better–like now–just to have a chance over the next couple of weeks.

Georgia may not be the best team in the state of Georgia this year.  Georgia started the season ranked as the best team in the country, but it seems that Georgia may not even be the best team in the state.  At 6-1, Georgia Tech is looking a whole lot better than a team with a first-year head coach ought to look.  But just like Georgia, Georgia Tech is heading into the meat of their conference schedule over the next couple of weeks.  Improved Florida State and North Carolina teams, as well as a Virginia team which has figured some things out since starting out 1-3 with dreadful losses to Southern Cal, UConn, and Duke, all figure to pose a stern test for Georgia Tech.

The BCS is truly a strange place.  All you people who are upset with Pete Carroll and Southern Cal for running up the score on Washington State need to just get over it.  That is one of the sad realities of the system which you have put in place.  Southern Cal is in the midst of a possible national championship run, and in order to further their cause, it is essential that they look good in the eyes of the human voters who are deciding this thing.  And the way they look good is by thumping the hell out of a lesser opponent such as Washington State.  In the past, Pete Carroll might have called off the dogs after the score got to a certain point.  But in the brave new world of the BCS, not anymore.  Get used to it, folks–it’s part of life in the big bad BCS.

Bobby Petrino has yet to beat an SEC program where the wheels aren’t coming off.  So far Arkansas’s only conference win is against Auburn, and we know what a mess things are over there right now.  Does anyone care to try and find any more wins for Arkansas this year?

You can’t win in the SEC without a good quarterback.  Look at the teams that are struggling this year, and you will see that for most of them, quarterback play is an issue.  Auburn can’t decide between Kodi Burns and Chris Todd, and Tuberville is being strongly tempted to pull the redshirt off freshman Barrett Trotter.  Tennessee had problems with Jonathan Crompton and replaced him with Nick Stevens.  Even LSU, as strong as they are everywhere else, is having quarterback issues this year as they are only now beginning to get into a comfort zone with quarterbacks Andrew Hatch and Jarrett Lee.  It was the inexperience at the quarterback position that no doubt was a contributing factor in the beatdown they received at Florida a couple of weeks back.

The quarterback position is critical because it is the quarterback who sets the pace and the tone for the rest of the team.  It is the quarterback who keeps the team focused when in a hostile environment.  And there are numerous hostile environments for visiting teams in the SEC.  Thus it is of the utmost importance to be solid at the quarterback position if you hope to do well in the SEC.