It Was a Win Over Tennessee

It was a win over Tennessee.

Wins over Tennessee are always satisfying, especially to this Georgia fan who suffered through the 90’s when wins over Tennessee were nonexistent.  Tennessee beat Georgia nine times in a row during that period, by an aggregate score of 286 to 154, which works out to an average score of 31.8 to 17.1 and an average margin of just over two touchdowns per game.  (Just think how much time I had to have on my hands to work all of that out.)

Not all of the games were that lopsided.  Some were heartbreakingly close, such as 1992 when Eric Zeier, Garrison Hearst, Andre Hastings and friends had Tennessee beat, only to let them convert on 4th-and-forever and go down for the winning score.  Or 1995, when Robert Edwards, the last hope of the Ray Goof era, was lost for the entire season.  Georgia fought on valiantly that night, but perished in the end 30-27.

And some were distressingly ugly.  Like the 1993 game, which I had the opportunity to travel with the Redcoats to Knoxville to see with my own eyes.  It was 7-6 in the second quarter when we left to go down to the field for halftime.  By halftime it was 21-6.  By the time we got back to our seats after the halftime show it was 35-6.  Tennessee went on to win by a final score of 38-6.  1994 was not much better, as Eric Zeier and Georgia broke down in graphic fashion en route to a 41-23 loss.  And then there were the late 90’s, where quarterback Quincy Carter, the most overrated athlete ever to don a Georgia jersey, led his team to the slaughter 22-3 in 1998 and 37-20 in 1999. Continue reading “It Was a Win Over Tennessee”