What We Know About the 2008 Season After Six Weeks

Okay kids.  Here’s what we’ve learned from looking at the games this weekend:

Tennessee vs Georgia:  Fulmer’s Last Stand?  If you’re Georgia, I’ve been saying it all season long:  WATCH OUT FOR TENNESSEE!!!!!!!!!  Philip Fulmer is consistently proven to be at his best when his back is against the wall, and if it isn’t against the wall right now, I don’t know where it is.  The natives are restless in Knoxville, especially after several ugly losses and a less-than-impressive 13-9 win over Northern Illinois.  Still, Tennessee may be starting to show signs of life.  The ineffective, mistake-prone Jonathan Crompton is out at starting quarterback.  Nick Stephens is in, and it appears he will be the quarterback from here on out.  His numbers last week were pretty sluggish, but they do include a 52-yard touchdown pass.  Does he have a breakout game next week?  The defense is starting to figure some things out as well; they held Northern Illinois to 190 total yards.  Georgia, you’d better pray to God that this is not the week it all comes together for Tennessee!!!!!

Vanderbilt is actually looming larger on Georgia’s schedule than Tennessee.  How often does that happen?  And this time, it isn’t the coaches doing their jobs and saying all the right things about how good the upcoming opponent is.  Vanderbilt is for real, and they showed as much last week.  Last year they had both Georgia and Tennessee beat, only to let both of them off the hook in the fourth quarter.  This time they had Auburn beat and they did NOT let them off the hook in the fourth quarter; instead they played lights-out defense to seal a 14-13 win.

Who knows?  Vanderbilt might actually leapfrog Georgia in the polls before the season is over.

Somebody is going to try to hire Bobby Johnson this year.  Vanderbilt is one of the worst coaching jobs on the face of the earth.  They have very little to work with in the way of football talent, and the facilities are simply nonexistent.  As a matter of fact, their athletic department doesn’t even exist as a separate entity anymore.  But Bobby Johnson has made the absolute most of what he has been given to work with.  The success of his Vanderbilt team this year is sure to attract the attention of many higher-profile program that are desperate for a new coach.  Vanderbilt, I know you would hate to lose Bobby Johnson, but get ready, because they’re coming!

New feature:  The I’m Hatin Life For Ya Department  This week marks the inauguration of a new feature on my blog:  the I’m Hatin’ Life For Ya Department.  This week I’m hating life for:

Georgia.  You started the season at No. 1 in several major preseason polls.  Only five weeks into the season all your national championship aspirations came to an end when you had your doors blown off by Nick Saban and Alabama.  The very next week, the team that wiped their anal regions with you in Sanford Stadium in front of 93,000 fans and a nationwide ESPN prime time audience barely escaped with a 17-14 win at home over Kentucky.

The Alabama-Kentucky game was decided in the final minute when Kentucky failed to cover an onsides kick.  Alabama-Georgia was decided on the very first play from scrimmage when it was painfully clear to all that Georgia would not have an answer for John Parker Wilson.  What does that say about Georgia?  Only things that are not good.

Clemson.  If you’re Clemson, then I’m definitely hating life for you this week.  You started off the season being hailed as the cream of the ACC crop.  Only five weeks into the season you suffered your first ACC loss, a 20-17 heartbreaker to Maryland on your own home field.  The very next week, the team that came to Death Valley and dealt you your first ACC loss goes to Charlottesville and gets skunked 31-0 by the worst team in the ACC.

Florida.  Last week you got shocked by Ole Miss on your home field.  This week the team that beat you in the Swamp goes back home and gets beat by South Carolina.

Arkansas.  ‘Nuff said.