Who Cares About Your Blog Revisited

I am a blogger.  I have a community of friends and family who track with me on a periodic basis.  Judging by the numbers on the tracker that tells me how many people come to look at my blog every day, it seems as if that community is growing.  I am flattered by this, because the greatest honor that I can have as a blogger is to know that my stuff is being read by people out there.  So let me convey my gratitude to all of you who are out there tracking with me.

Now it is awfully tempting to let this blogging thing go to your head.  Out here in cyberspace, it is incredibly easier to build yourself up and pass yourself off as something much bigger and more important than you really are.  Only in the blogosphere is it possible for a pastor who pays his dues in seminary and goes to all the trouble to submit himself to the accountability structures that are required of a pastor, and a homeless guy living in a box with a laptop or a college student who bops around the blogosphere after getting wasted Friday night or a housewife who sits in front of her computer in her pajamas, to actually be on something of an equal footing.  Weird, isn’t it?

Ladies and gentlemen, I submit to you an exhibit of such weirdness.  Some of you may remember Christian singer Steve Camp, who was big back in the 80s and early 90s.  Since then, he has retired from singing and taken up blogging.  If you had the opportunity to stop by his blog last week, you would have been treated to this dandy little diatribe against Mark Driscoll.  Now, I have not heard much of Mark Driscoll’s preaching, but just from the tone of this post I would be strongly inclined to say that anyone who is made the subject of this kind of attack can’t be all bad.

It’s one thing to go through all the preparation and accountability that is required in order to become a pastor.  It is quite another to get out here in the blogosphere, pass yourself off as something important, and take pot shots at prominent Christian leaders because something about them does not fit in with your idea of correct Biblical doctrine.