The Bulldog Tooth Bonus Feature: A Look at Some Games This Weekend All Involving Teams Better than Georgia (10.4.08)

This weekend Georgia is off.  And boy do they ever need an off weekend.

Those of us who considered Georgia to be a legitimate national championship contender in 2008 have now been forced to reassess things.  Last weekend Alabama completely and thoroughly disabused us of the notion that Georgia was a national championship caliber team, and we are now forced to acknowledge that in fact there are several teams out there that are better than Georgia.  So in that spirit, let us look at some of the more interesting games that are coming up on this off weekend:

Duke vs Georgia Tech.  Chan Gailey’s Georgia Tech, going up against a suddenly reinvigorated Duke team after big wins over Jacksonville State, Boston College and Mississippi State, and a close loss to resurgent Virginia Tech, would surely have gotten beat this week.  As a matter of fact, they would have gotten trounced in a game like this.  Paul Johnson?  Don’t think so.

Prediction:  Georgia Tech 31, Duke 28.

Oklahoma vs Baylor:  Man, please.

Prediction:  Oklahoma 56, Baylor 13.

Florida vs Arkansas:  I’m sure there must be three more wins hiding somewhere in Arkansas’ remaining schedule.  I just can’t seem to find them, no matter how hard I look.  I do know that this is not one of them.

Prediction:  Florida 41, Arkansas 14.

Alabama vs Kentucky:  I hope to God that Alabama wins this one, and wins big.  Because if Alabama struggles with Kentucky–or worse, loses to Kentucky, then Georgia will look REALLY, REALLY BAD for having suffered the beatdown that they did at the hands of Alabama.

Prediction:  Alabama 45, Kentucky 27.

Auburn vs Vanderbilt:  How often does this happen at Vanderbilt:  a home game involving two top 25 teams?  This is huge for them.  Vanderbilt could actually beat Auburn this year.  I don’t quite see them doing it.

Prediction:  Auburn 21, Vanderbilt 19.

North Carolina vs Connecticut:  The Butch Davis reclamation project continues unabated.

Prediction:  North Carolina 28, Connecticut 24.

Oregon vs Southern Cal:  Southern Cal is trying to bounce back from the Oregon State loss, as well as gain revenge for the beating they got from Oregon last year.  Ranked opponents don’t do very well at the Coliseum:  Southern Cal has won 14 in a row over ranked opponents.  I don’t think Oregon is going to make it 2 in a row.

Prediction:  Southern Cal 38, Oregon 13.

Ohio State vs Wisconsin:  Imagine that.  Ohio State is even farther out of the national championship picture than Georgia right now.  Wisconsin is trying to recover from a loss at Michigan.  Ohio State is trying to get back on track, but it’s going to be tough:  Wisconsin has won 27 of their last 28 home games.  The last time Ohio State played at Wisconsin was in 2003, and they got beat 17-10.

Prediction:  Wisconsin 27, Ohio State 24.