What We Know About the 2008 Season After Two Weeks

Here is a brief smattering of things learned over the previous weekend of college football:

Georgia acquitted themselves quite well as the No. 2 team in the country.  Georgia knocked off the defending Mid-America Conference champion Central Michigan with ruthless efficiency.  This was a team that was supposed to look very good on paper, yet they never offered Georgia any semblance of a challenge.

But Ohio State didn’t do so hot as the No. 3 team.  Ohio State played Ohio U, a middle-of-the-road team from the same conference as Central Michigan.  With their star running back Chris Wells sidelined with an ankle injury, they struggled to take care of business and it was only some good special teams play that saved them from a humiliating loss at home.  Pollsters noted this and moved Ohio State down to No. 5 this week.  So how does this play out for the USC game next week?  We shall see…

Speaking of USC, do not confuse the USC to the east of here with the USC out west.  Lest people confuse South Carolina with the other USC out west (Southern Cal), they showed that such confusion is unwarranted by going up to Vanderbilt and getting beat.  But does this mean that Georgia can relax about South Carolina?  No indeed.  Last year’s South Carolina team lost to Vanderbilt and beat Georgia.  Inept and unfocused as this team may be, they have a way of snapping to attention any time they hear anything which sounds even remotely like barking dogs moving in their general direction.

Georgia Tech is going to win some games this year.  Don’t be fooled by their completely and totally inept performance in the spring game earlier this year.  If you thought this was going to be a long year for Tech, think again.

So is Ole Miss.  For all the trouble that Ole Miss had at quarterback post Eli Manning, it appears that they have finally found the real deal in Javan Snead.  It took a controversial pass interference penalty and a last-second field goal by one of the best kickers in all of college football for Wake Forest to escape Oxford with the win.