Sasquatch, Alien Abductions, and Other Such Things

A couple of years back I wrote a response to the movie The Da Vinci Code.  After the movie actually came out and proved to be one of the sorriest movies ever made, I believed that I had been snookered and I might as well write about Sasquatch, alien abductions, and other such things, and I promised that eventually at some point you would see writings on that subject, since I had been so foolish as to consider that sorry excuse for a film worthy of an intelligent response.

And now, here it is.  If I let this opportunity go by, then I won’t know what to say.

It seems that Bigfoot (also known as Sasquatch), has been found in the mountains of North Georgia.  Or maybe it wasn’t Bigfoot.  Maybe it was a person.  Or maybe it was a possum.  They’ve got the body, but they’re only letting their own approved scientists examine it.  Hmmm…are they afraid that somebody else will examine it and it will turn into something that is not Bigfoot?

Anyway, read the story; it’s all there.