Mere Christianity 23: The Obstinate Toy Soldiers

In the previous chapter Lewis described the nature of the Trinity and how the special life that exists in God can be transferred to us, by a sort of “good infection” if you will.

But there is a hitch.  The natural life which we as humans possess (Bios) and the special life which God possesses (Zoe) are different from each other.  Not only are they different, they are completely and totally opposed to each other.  The natural life inside of us is something self-centered, which wants to look out for itself at every turn and which values its own survival and preservation above all else.  And it is especially afraid of anything which is bigger or stronger than it.  So it sees the God kind of life as a threat; it knows that all of its pettiness and self-centeredness will ultimately be strangled out of it. Continue reading “Mere Christianity 23: The Obstinate Toy Soldiers”