Music Review: Tori Amos, American Doll Posse

American Doll Posse is the latest album from Tori Amos.  Tori Amos has been a longstanding favorite of mine; her debut album Little Earthquakes was making the rounds back when I was in college (the first time around).  In that as in most of her early work, the predominant mode was this stripped-down, girl-at-the-piano sound which was capable of covering the full gamut of human emotion in a short space of time.  She is still capable of covering a wide range of human emotion in a short time and the girl-at-the-piano sound that we all knew and loved from the early years still shows through in some places, but she has added many layers of sophistication and maturity nowadays, both in terms of the polish of her sound and also in terms of her lyrical and musical expression.  Kind of what you would expect from a singer now in her 40s.  (Eek.) Continue reading “Music Review: Tori Amos, American Doll Posse”