Josh S. on Doctrine

Today I would like to offer you a post from Josh S. over at the Metalutheran blog about his views on doctrine.

Doctrine is important, morality is important, but it is not the fundamental stuff behind the Bible.  In other words, if you read this or that text of the Bible and your primary purpose for reading is to see what doctrine the text supports or what moral principles it illustrates, then you are not reading it correctly.

I believe he’s got it right on this one.  So many of us approach the Bible from the standpoint of what doctrine does this or that bit of Scripture support, or what moral or life principle does it illustrate.  Yet the Bible was not given to us to give us doctrine, or moral principles, or life principles.  It was given to us to give us an announcement of the new order of things that is coming now that Christ has come into the world.