Dan Edelen on Money vs Ministry

Here is a post from Dan Edelen’s blog Cerulean Sanctum, in which he offers his opinion on the primary reason why the American church is failing.  The problem is that our culture places a huge emphasis on money, success, and the good life.  This has so pervaded our society and even the church, that people now have an either/or decision to make about what they want the direction of their life to be:  money, or ministry.  If you pursue money, then you will have the understanding, acceptance, and respect of a vast segment of American society, but there will be very little true ministry happening in your life.  On the other hand, if you choose ministry, most of us are so steeped in the American way of looking at things that we will not understand you at all and regard you as something completely and totally crazy.  Because of this, lots of people in our society are choosing money over ministry.

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