A Little Something More on Evangelism

I would like to return to the subject of evangelism for a little bit.

I’ve written at length about my aversion to the typical evangelical way of doing evangelism.  So now let me write about something which I can say “Yes” to.  Allow me to direct your attention to a post on Michael Spencer’s blog which describes what I believe is the proper approach to evangelism.

Michael Spencer is the chaplain at a Baptist boarding school in southeast Kentucky which serves a high percentage of international students, many of whom are not Christian.  This school does something which is unique among Christian schools–at least those of the evangelical stripe:  It does not restrict access to any of its programs to only professing Christians.

I believe that this is the way we ought to do evangelism.  Talk about and present the Gospel to our non-Christian friends if the opportunity presents itself, but show some respect for what they believe.  Allow them the freedom to not believe and to still be our friends.  The cup of cold water (Matthew 10:42) is to be given to the one who is Jesus’ disciple, but it is also to be given to anyone who is thirsty, regardless of whether or not they believe.

Just think how much good we could do in our world if only we would make it our business to just serve others, without getting hung up on whether or not they believe.