Five Years After 9/11: Have We Forgotten?

Today is the fifth anniversary of September 11.  So what is it like for us now, five years later?

For some, this is a time of remembrance.  Memorial services were held today in New York, Washington D. C., and Pennsylvania.  Airport security personnel marked the time of the attacks with a brief moment of silence.  Flags flew at half-mast in many places.

In many ways, it is impossible to forget what happened that fateful day.  Airport security will never again be what it was before.  “Homeland Security” and “War on Terror” are phrases that have now become staples in our vocabulary.  For better or for worse, our approach to foreign policy has changed drastically.  Much of the Middle East is now in turmoil; the success of our military and diplomatic efforts there has been mixed and the prospects for long-term peace and stability there are very uncertain.

But in many ways, it appears that we have forgotten.  For the most part, life goes on as normal.  There is still work to do, money to make, malls to shop, sports to enjoy, houses to build, highways to drive, life to live.  We are all still going on about our business, and terrorist attacks cannot stop that.


2 thoughts on “Five Years After 9/11: Have We Forgotten?

  1. The thing that bothers me is when people refer to the attack as “The Twin Towers” or 9/11. What about the Pentagon and the flight that crashed in Penn? Call it what it really is a terrorist attack or A War of Terrorist Agggression. Of course the inconvenienceof not being able to take your favorite hair condtioner on the plane is now a constant reminderof the attack.

    Just like generations before me, who remember the attack on Pearl Harbor, the assination of JFK and MLK, I remember where I was when I saw the first tower ablaze.

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