My Reaction to The Brothers Karamazov–Part 17: Father Ferapont

It is pointless to write about Father Zossima without saying at least something about Father Ferapont.

Father Ferapont is a foil to Father Zossima; that is, he is a character who serves to accentuate the positive traits in Father Zossima by way of contrast.  He is everything that Father Zossima is not, and Father Zossima is everything that he is not.  Father Zossima lives in community with the other monks in the monastery; Father Ferapont lives in isolation.  Father Zossima strives to be the servant of all; Father Ferapont is pleased when men bow down to him and are overawed by him.  Father Zossima preaches and lives a life of love and selfless service; Father Ferapont is distinguished by rigid asceticism and strict keeping of the fasts and vows of silence.  He prides himself on this, and is very hateful and disdainful toward those who do not practice his brand of asceticism.  Father Zossima is well respected in the community as a wise and loving saint; Father Ferapont is also well-known and respected, but is thought to be crazy. Continue reading “My Reaction to The Brothers Karamazov–Part 17: Father Ferapont”

The Bulldog Tooth III: A Shot in the Dark

Well folks, it’s that time of year again, the time of year when all of the college football pollsters, pundits, and prognosicators crank up their speculations on who will be the best in the upcoming college football season.  And you know what that means–time for me to break out the trusty old bulldog tooth and again demonstrate my divine anointing by correctly predicting Georgia football scores for the upcoming season.

Now last year I had Georgia going 7-4, and what do you know?  They went 9-2 and won the SEC Championship.  But hey, being a modern-day prophet means never having to say you’re wrong.

So here goes… Continue reading “The Bulldog Tooth III: A Shot in the Dark”

Another Rant on Israel

Sorry folks, but I have just one more thing to say about the whole Israel situation, and it is this: I think that we as Americans and as evangelicals are way too pro-Israel.

Yes, Israel is the chosen people of God, and yes, Israel has a special place in God’s redemptive plan for humanity, but does that mean that Israel can just do whatever they want to do?  Does that mean that Israel can just blow the s–t out of their neighbors whenever they feel like it?  I don’t think so!!!!!

Israel is the chosen people of God, but that did not excuse them in Old Testament times when they failed to love and serve God with all their heart.  And it does not excuse them now from failing to live at peace with their neighbors.  If they think that being the chosen people of God gives them the right to take a pass on living at peace with their neighbors, then I hope they get blown to smithereens by the Hezbollah.  I hope Iran comes over and nukes them into oblivion.  Then they will have deserved exactly what they got.

Israel has an obligation to live at peace with their neighbors.  And we have an obligation to hold them accountable to that standard.  If that is something we are unwilling to do, then we deserve to perish with them.

And if in fact it is God’s will to destroy Israel and take America down with them, as in fact it very much seems to be, then I hope and pray that God would just wipe us off the face of the earth right here and now, in a blinding flash, just as He did with Sodom and Gomorrah.  Because to die like that would be infinitely better than to linger for years or perhaps decades in this present state of tension and turmoil, with the approaching storm clouds of God’s wrath growing ever darker and more ominous as the years go by.

Israel, Iran, the Hezbollah, and World War III

Well folks, unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last 24 hours you surely know by now that World War III is now underway.

Israel and Lebanon are going hard at it, with Israel mounting the most aggressive attacks against Beirut since the early 1980s and the Hezbollah making its most aggressive attacks against Israel ever.  And Iran is threatening to join the fray any day now, saying that an attack against the Hezbollah is an attack against Iran.  Everyone knows that Iran has nukes, and no scruples whatsoever about using them.  If Iran joins the fray, then within a week there will be nothing but a new extension of the Mediterranean Sea and a massive cloud of radioactive waste where Israel is now. Continue reading “Israel, Iran, the Hezbollah, and World War III”