Evander Holyfield–Back At It Again???

I saw in the paper today that Evander Holyfield is planning to make a return to boxing. He also said that he is going to win the title this time.

When I saw this, I just burst out laughing. This guy really reminds me of the Black Knight in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. (“Coward! Come back here and I’ll bite your kneecap off!!!” or something to that effect, he says as he is lying there with all his arms and legs cut off.)

This ought to be hilarious. Anybody wanna bet on how many seconds it takes Holyfield to get knocked out?

Shelden Williams–Our Newest Crock

So I hear that the Crocks have drafted Shelden Williams. They desperately need a point guard, and yet their clueless general manager Billy Knight has chosen to draft yet another forward. What planet is this guy on anyway? As long as he is around, the Crocks will still be the Crocks.

I also hear that Steve Belkin may be about to take over the Crocks. If he does, some say that he would fire everyone and everything that is presently there. At this point, that could be the best thing that ever happened to the Crocks.

Well, that’s about all the attention that the Crocks are worthy of in this space.

My Reaction to The Brothers Karamazov–Part 16: More on the Russian Monk

Just one more post on Father Zossima before I move on.

I want to look at Father Zossima’s passion for the Bible, and his vision of priests reading Bible stories to the people of their communities, and contrast it with the manner of preaching and teaching which is prevalent in present-day evangelical Protestant-dom. Continue reading “My Reaction to The Brothers Karamazov–Part 16: More on the Russian Monk”

My Reaction to The Brothers Karamazov–Part 15: The Russian Monk (cont’d)

In the last several posts we have been digging deep into the character of Father Zossima, and specifically the idea that we are each responsible to all for all, which was the heartbeat of his life and ministry.

By this point many of you are probably thinking something to this effect: “But there are so many people in the world, and there is so much sin and brokenness, that to make oneself responsible to all for all would involve taking on an unbearable burden of guilt. Yet Father Zossima seemed to find joy in this idea. How in the world is it possible to find joy from such a doctrine?”

I’ve been teasing you with this question for the last four posts, and now I will finally give you an answer. I believe it is possible to find joy in a life based on the ideal that we are each responsible to all for all. How? One word: community. Continue reading “My Reaction to The Brothers Karamazov–Part 15: The Russian Monk (cont’d)”