Chinese English

Here is an actual Chinese product label.

My best friend from college is currently teaching English at a Chinese university. This summer he brought back an oxhorn comb as a gift for me. The product label is written in both Chinese and English, and the English part reads as follows: Continue reading “Chinese English”

The Full Report on my China trip

I traveled to China for two weeks to visit my best friend from college. He is there with his wife and one-year-old baby, where they teach English to Chinese students at a university. (No, the baby does not teach any English classes. Although it would be interesting to see a one-year-old baby try to teach an English class.) They live in a town called Qinhuangdao (the correct pronunciation is “Chin-Wong-Dow”), which is about 180 miles east of Beijing, about a three-hour train ride. Beijing is a city the size of Atlanta in terms of land area, but with a population of 10 million. Continue reading “The Full Report on my China trip”