The Bulldog Tooth Strikes Again!

College football season is still a couple of months away from getting into full swing, but that isn’t stopping the pollsters, analysts, pundits, and other media types who make their living by observing the college football scene from cranking out their speculations on who will be the national champion, who will be the SEC champion, who will be the strongest conference, etc. This means that it is once again time for me to pull out the old bulldog tooth and demonstrate my divine anointing by correctly predicting Georgia football scores from the 2005 season. Continue reading “The Bulldog Tooth Strikes Again!”

Who Let the “Rabid Dogs of Evangelism” Out?????

Danny Akin, president of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, has noticed an alarming trend. In an address to a convention of Baptists in North Carolina a few weeks back, he cited statistics which indicate that evangelism is declining. According to these statistics, the ratio of baptisms to church members has dropped drastically over the last half century–from one baptism for every 19 church members in 1950, to one baptism for every 43 church members in 2003. He referred to these statistics as evidence of “grave weakness”, and challenged his fellow Baptists to become “rabid dogs for evangelism.”  [Sorry folks, the article that I referenced here appears to be gone.  You’ll just have to take my word for it that this is what Danny Akin said.]

Danny Akin’s speech is only the latest manifestation of an impulse which has come to define all of evangelical Protestantism, an impulse which Michael Spencer refers to as “wretched urgency”. Since I feel that his term is perfectly fitting and I lack the inclination to try to outdo him by coming up with my own, I will use his. Continue reading “Who Let the “Rabid Dogs of Evangelism” Out?????”